Mentorship Program

When I first stepped into this field, I had trouble finding a reliable mentor I could consistently reach out to. In order to prevent new professionals from experiencing the struggles I had to go through, I openly extend my program to anyone who is dedicated and passionate about learning UX.

I consider myself a mid-level designer so this is currently most beneficial to people just getting started. Projects are personally catered to your interests and are meant to be for your benefit. As of right now, this program is free of charge, but as it starts to grow and expand, I may start charging mentees.  The only thing I ask from you is to bring your best effort.

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Completed Projects


“Kenzo has been an invaluable mentor during the time when I was transitioning into the field of UX. He was encouraging and patient throughout the process of mentoring me on a UX case study from start to finish. He has shared with me many essential UX practices and research methods that helped me become a better thinker and designer. He was supportive through his willingness to share his own experiences in the field. Kenzo was someone who I can count on to get different perspectives, ideas, and advice. Our regular conversations helped me grow, immensely both personally and professionally.”

-Yvonne Lee

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